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Donate to Charity in Dallas Area and Help Kidney Disease Sufferers

Donate Charity DallasChoosing to donate to a charity in Dallas is a good-natured and noble decision, and when that donation goes to American Kidney Services, you can be certain that it will benefit people in need. The mission of our organization is to provide financial support to people suffering with kidney disease, many of whom struggle to afford the costs related to treatment. Through your generous donations of used clothing, furniture, and other household items, we’re able to generate proceeds that support programs at the American Kidney Fund, a nonprofit organization that provides direct monetary aid to chronic kidney disease patients.

When residents of Irving, Arlington, Plano, and other surrounding communities in the Dallas area donate to our charity, it not only aids our mission but can also prove beneficial for other reasons, including:

  • Environmental impacts – By donating to charity your used possessions, you give them new life by making them available to people who are less fortunate. In many cases, you also keep those items out of local landfills and ease the strain on natural resources being used to create new goods.
  • Decluttering homes – Most people probably have items such as clothing, toys, linens, and other goods that no longer are needed but are taking up valuable storage space. Choosing to donate those items to our charity in Dallas frees up room and contributes to a great cause.

You can donate books, home electronics, small appliances, and much more to our organization, and donating to our charity is simple. You can call us or use our online form to join our regular pickup rotation schedule or to schedule a special pickup from your home. You can also drop items off at an approved donation center; Value World thrift department stores accept donations on our behalf.

Contact us today if you would like to donate to our good charity in Dallas. AKS proudly welcomes donations from residents of Arlington, Mesquite, Farmers Branch, and all surrounding communities.